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Discover the Adamoli loading / unloading systems: "Adamoli Italian Floor" and "Adamoli Rolling Floor"

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The Used/Replacement Vehicles is submitted to a check-up in our workshops by skilled technicians


Last Used/Replacement Vehicles

uploaded 27 febbraio 2020
HENLEY HERCULES 26 Diesel Forklift

SPECIAL OFFER Large used forklift ready for delivery! HENLEY HERCULES 26 Diesel Forklift Capacity: 12 Ton Cabin Type: semi-closed Length: 4270mm Mast height: about 4 meters Tires: 4 front (twin axle) 11.00 R20 2 rear (single axle) 10.00-20 Fuel: Diesel Engine: Ford

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uploaded 28 febbraio 2020
Semitrailer Adamoli Moving Floor with 24 slats new ready for delivery

Semi-trailer with "Horizontal Line" smooth body model in duralumin alloy, rear door with two folding doors that open, upper cover with French PVC sheet. "Adamoli Italian Floor" internal platform with 24 slats, 12mm thick (increased), suitable for transporting low humidity percentages, CDR, wood chips, paper, plastic, bags, bigbags, pallets (carriage); equipped with concealed internal load-securing hooks; reinforced lower structure; internal mat for self-cleaning platform; raino hook reinforced in special steel; predisposition for DR (fire extinguisher on board). Price: € 65,000 negotiable

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With reference to the cases of Coronavirus identified in Italy in the last days, we inform all customers that ADAMOLI® aware of the importance of precautionary measures indicated by the health authorities,undertakes to implement all recommendations that will be issued with the utmost diligence.

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