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All AdamoliĀ® vehicles for the ecology field

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Discover the Adamoli loading / unloading systems: "Adamoli Italian Floor" and "Adamoli Rolling Floor"

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The Used Vehicles is submitted to a check-up in our workshops by skilled technicians


Last Used Vehicles

uploaded 27 febbraio 2015
Semitrailer Adamoli walking floor 24 slats

Semitrailer walking floor Adamoli, on frame thistles system with automatic loading and unloading with 24 slats -- 10 tires, lowered with wheels 19.5 -- L 13.65m

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uploaded 27 febbraio 2015
Semitrailer Walking Floor Benalu 21 slats

Semitrailer with walking floor 21 slats -- box in aluminum open top -- tarpaulin for the roof in pvc side clousure -- very light -- freestanding -- liftable -- REFURBISHED AND PAINTED LIKE A NEW

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