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All AdamoliĀ® vehicles for the ecology field

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Discover the Adamoli loading / unloading systems: "Adamoli Italian Floor" and "Adamoli Rolling Floor"

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The Used/Replacement Vehicles is submitted to a check-up in our workshops by skilled technicians


Last Used/Replacement Vehicles

uploaded 11 maggio 2021
Secondhand Adamoli with 12 slats

Adamoli S37PKN14 semi-trailer, 3 axles (1st liftable, 3rd self-steering), disc brakes, pneumatic suspension. Self-supporting aluminum van with 2-leaf rear door, upper cover with fixed roof + 2 doors that can be opened manually from the ground and internal system with 12 slats moving floor, semi-hermetic version.

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uploaded 10 maggio 2021
Secondhand movingfloor with 24 slats

Semi-trailer with 3 single axles, steering lift, with open-top aluminum skip and Adamoli mobile floor with 24 slats, 2-leaf rear door, PVC sheet. REVISED READY!

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The 2021 Budget Law (Law 178/2020) and the Transition Plan 4.0 extended the TAX CREDIT 4.0 for companies that invest in the purchase of new capital equipment, that "promote the technological transformation and / or digital in Industry 4.0 key " If you are interested in finding out how to benefit from this credit, write to us by email RES@ADAMOLI.IT or call us on Whataspp / Telegram +39 338 64 45 663.

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