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The Used/Replacement Vehicles is submitted to a check-up in our workshops by skilled technicians


Last Used/Replacement Vehicles

uploaded 14 settembre 2021
HENLEY HERCULES 26 Diesel Forklift

SPECIAL OFFER Large used forklift ready for delivery! HENLEY HERCULES 26 Diesel Forklift Capacity: 12 Ton Cabin Type: semi-closed Length: 4270mm Mast height: about 4 meters Tires: 4 front (twin axle) 11.00 R20 2 rear (single axle) 10.00-20 Fuel: Diesel Engine: Ford

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uploaded 15 settembre 2021
Used Trailer Cardi / Adamoli 2 axles rear tipper

Used trailer Cardi / Adamoli 2 axles with twin wheels (1st steering) rear tipper body in special steel, mechanical suspensions, long version drawbar, rear door with two folding doors, nr. 8 pneus R22.5 315/80

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Go to GOOGLE PLAY and download our "Adamoli 4.0" app !! Thanks to this app you can check and monitor the status of your trailer with your smartphone. For other details write to

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