“ADAMOLI ROLLING FLOOR” is a patented loading and unloading system by ADAMOLI®. It is the most suitable to load and unload in few minutes packed goods on pallet and other packed materials.
Ideal for logistics and transport of packed goods.

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“ADAMOLI ROLLING FLOOR” allows to limit the use of fork lifts, manpower and schedule, and enhances the efficiency, the transport, the storage of goods, reducing drastically the necessary time.

"Adamoli Rolling Floor" can be installed on new or used vehicles (semitrailers, trailers and tractors), but also on floors already existing inside the semitrailers.
It is composed of a supporting structure and conveyor belts dragged in rotation by special chains made of high strength steel.

It can be combined with any type of cable tubs or, an equipped and automatic loading bank inside the storage.

It can be easily disassembled to be reinstalled or reused on another vehicle.
Combined with fixed placements, the system allows to load and unload a semitrailer of 13,60 of lenght in only 90 seconds.

See also: www.adamolirollingfloor.com

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