The best used/replacement vehicles by Adamoli

uploaded 18 marzo 2019

Piacenza rear tipper semitrailer RI_703
year 2006
56 m³
16000 €

3-axle used semi-trailer (lift and steering), 10 tires, length 10.50 x 2.50 x 2.30 (side), rear dump body, steel frame, reinforced aluminum box, cylinder under body, single rear door openable from the bottom to the top and side with a seal around. REBUILT

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uploaded 15 marzo 2019

year 2000
84 m³

Used semi-trailer truck ADAMOLI S36TS136 type reinforced Walking Floor with 24 staves,rear door with two shutters , fixed roof + 2 manual doors that open manually from the floor, 84m³, mechanical suspension, 10 tires.

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uploaded 14 marzo 2019

Semitrailer for container transport 1x40 "or 2x20" SP_000

High-strength steel frame, suitable to harbour use or private areas use, reinforced Jost feet, consisting of 2 plates with telescopic system, pneumatic brake system with ISO connection, dimensions: 12.60 X 2.80, axles: 2 twins, tires: N.8 type 315/80 R 22.5, Suspension: mechanical type in reinforced tandem – TO BE USED IN PRIVATE AREAS ONLY, NOT REGISTERED FOR ROAD CIRCULATION.

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uploaded 13 marzo 2019

year 2019


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uploaded 12 marzo 2019

Semitrailer Moving Floor PIacenza 21 slats PM_359
year 2003
90 m³

Semitrailer 21 slats walkingfloor, steel frame, fixed roof top +hydraulic closure, single rear door, pneumatic suspension, 6 pneus.

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uploaded 11 marzo 2019

year 2019

REPLACEMENTS' ADAMOLI: SCREW CUTTERS. Dimensions: 12 x 7 x h 3,5

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uploaded 08 marzo 2019

Used semi-trailer chassis Cardi tipper truck bilateral Baroni RI_704
year 1995

Used semi-trailer chassis Cardi with Baroni bilateral dump truck with hydraulic side; Rear door with two folding doors that open towards the center.

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uploaded 07 marzo 2019

Semitrailer Cardi with walking floor 15 slats PM_558
year 2009
90 m³

Semi-trailer Cardi, aluminum van, 90 m³, walking floor 15 united slats , single one hydraulic door, fixed roof + hydraulic roof, pneumatic suspension, 3 single axle. VERY GOOD CONDITIONS, READY.

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uploaded 06 marzo 2019

Used semi-trailer rear tipper Adige RI_371

Used semi-trailer steel frame rear tipper Adige, with two folding doors that open towards the center, 10 tires, brakes: drum.

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uploaded 05 marzo 2019

Piacenza semi-trailer used Ziliani compactor SP_454
year 2001
70 m³

Piacenza semi-trailer with Ziliani type steel reinforced van. N ° 3 ROR axles (1st and 2nd twin, 3rd single self-steering). Unique reinforced shaped door suitable for compaction / expulsion with anti-tip blade. Fixed steel roof 10 m + front loading hole. Autonomous drive with motor installed on board. 10 tires.

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uploaded 05 marzo 2019

Secondhand Moving Floor Adamoli 12 slaves + tractor Iveco Stralis PM_222
92 m³

Tractor Iveco Stralis AS440ST / E4, mechanical gearbox, disc brakes, air suspension, equipped with hydraulic system for actuating movable platforms. Adamoli semi-trailer fitted with aluminum van, 3 single axles (1st lift, 3rd steering), air suspension, 2-leaf rear door, upper cover with fixed roof + hydraulically sliding roof, mobile platform with 12 slats.

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uploaded 04 marzo 2019

Secondhand Adamoli with 24 slats PM_577
84 m³

Used semi-trailer truck ADAMOLI, type reinforced with 24 staves, fixed roof, mechanical suspension, 20 tires 315/80 R.22.5 , brakes: drum, with two shutters.

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uploaded 01 marzo 2019

Semitrailer Moving Floor PIacenza 21 slats PM_298
year 2002
90 m³

Semitrailer 3 axles ROR in aluminum, 1° litftable, 3° steering, 21slats walkingfloor, fixed roof top+hydraulic closure, single rear door, disk brake, pneumatic suspension, 6 pneus.

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