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All Adamoli® vehicles for the ecology field

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Discover the Adamoli loading / unloading systems: "Adamoli Italian Floor" and "Adamoli Rolling Floor"

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The Used/Replacement Vehicles is submitted to a check-up in our workshops by skilled technicians


Last Used/Replacement Vehicles

uploaded 16 giugno 2023
Semitrailer Adamoli MovingFloor with 24 slats

Adamoli semitrailer in aluminum , 92 m³, rear door rear dobule door, fixed roof top + 2 open tarpaulins. Internal system with moovingfloor with 24 slats.

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uploaded 05 giugno 2023
Semitrailer Ziliani Used moving floor 15 slats

Semi-trailer Ziliani Used with moving floor with 15 slats in aluminum and steel frame 3 single SAF axles (1st liftable, 3rd self-steering), pneumatic suspensions, 6 wheels with steel rims and used 385/65 R 22.5 tyres. Rear door with single leaf that can be opened, tilting from the bottom upwards with hydraulic drive; hydraulically operated horizontally sliding hard top. Nr. 1 remote control for remote operation. Accessories and equipment for use Finishing as found: white colour NO. 2 UNITS AVAILABLE

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Our company is equipped with a defibrillator! An extra help to save everyone's health. DAE point

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