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The Used/Replacement Vehicles is submitted to a check-up in our workshops by skilled technicians


Last Used/Replacement Vehicles

uploaded 06 febbraio 2024
CARDI Used Semitrailer

Cardi curtainsider semi-trailer, high-strength steel frame, side height 0.80 m. Wooden platform built into the side members of the frame. Fixed front headboard in alloy, cambering with manual system and sliding curtains. N° 3 height-adjustable columns. N° 3 BPW axles (1st, 2nd single fixed and 3rd single steering) N° 6 tyres

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uploaded 12 giugno 2023
Semitrailer for container transport 1x40 "or 2x20"

High-strength steel frame, suitable to harbour use or private areas use, reinforced Jost feet, consisting of 2 plates with telescopic system, pneumatic brake system with ISO connection, dimensions: 12.60 X 2.80, axles: 2 twins, tires: N.8 type 315/80 R 22.5, Suspension: mechanical type in reinforced tandem – TO BE USED IN PRIVATE AREAS ONLY, NOT REGISTERED FOR ROAD CIRCULATION.

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Our company is equipped with a defibrillator! An extra help to save everyone's health. DAE point

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