Recyclabe and substitute fuels

rifiuti industriali rifiuti industriali “ADAMOLI ITALIAN FLOOR”

”ADAMOLI ITALIAN FLOOR” semitrailer, open top, is the more suitable vehicle for the transport of recyclable bulk materials and substitute fuels, such as RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel), therefore composed of plastic and paper; sawdust and wood chips.

This type of ADAMOLI® moving Floor is equipped with a 24 staves on the floor able to load bulk products and also goods on pallets. The automatic loading and unloading system is activated hydraulically and controlled electronically.

The semitrailer can have a self-carrying body (closed roof) or it can be customized with a closed top roof (cargo bed) for those who want an alternative to the open top roof.

The S37PKN14 semitrailer has the following characteristics:

Chassis:S37PKN14 Adamoli

Tyres:6 pneus 385/65 R22,5

Dimensions:13,60 x 2,55 x 4,00 m

Capacity:fino a 93 m³

Tare:da 7800 a 8000 kg

Total weight: 36800 kg

Axles:disk brake axles ø mm 430 – ABS - EBS

Roofing:tarpaulin (cover top roof) in PVC

All our semitrailers can be equipped with specific accessories on request, such as:

“ADAMOLI ITALIAN FLOOR” semitrailers can be always customized and are equipped with additional accessories on request.
The remote control of the moving floor is provided together with the semitrailer.
Moreover, before the delivery, ADAMOLIâ company will give to the operator instructions to teach him how to use it.

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