Vehicles for waste transport

”ADAMOLI ITALIAN FLOOR” or moving floor is the most suitable semitrailer for waste transport. It has an automatic loading and unloading system able to move goods. During the loading and unloading, the floor can move materials horizontally (without the need of a tipper).

”ADAMOLI ITALIAN FLOOR” system is patented and can be composed of 12 or 24 staves. The chassis is made of special aluminium alloy and the equipment is produced according to ADR norms.

The capacity of our semitrailers with moving floor goes from 85 m³ for those with reinforced body, to 93 m³ for the latest model with Horizontal Line body.

All the ”ADAMOLI ITALIAN FLOOR” moving floors are equipped with anti-rack levers and security locking devices on the back door. Moreover, during loading and unloading phases, thanks to a double gangway allowing to access to the headboard the operator can control the cargo.

The security is guaranteed thanks to continuous controls and ADAMOLI® uses only high-quality materials.

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“ADAMOLI ITALIAN FLOOR” semitrailers can be always customized and are equipped with additional accessories on request.
The remote control of the moving floor is provided together with the semitrailer.
Moreover, before the delivery, ADAMOLIâ company will give to the operator instructions to teach him how to use it.

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